What’s All The IDN Poker Fuss About?

By | February 20, 2021

IDN Poker is an Asian internet poker network, which is owned and operated by Star Poker, which is one of the leading online casinos in Asia. Star Poker operates several web-sites, including Star Poker Superbet, Star Poker Millionaire, and Star Poker Turbo, which are based in Macau, Hong Kong, and Singapore. The company was created in 1998 and began as a service to connect Asian casinos with the rest of the world. Over the years, the company has grown significantly, providing a high quality of gambling service to its members. Today, IDN Poker boasts over 30 million registered players all around the world.

Unlike most other online poker networks, IDN Poker’s focus is on gaming casinos from Asia. This means that all the games, which would be played on regular internet poker networks, can be found on this one as well. While other networks would have separate casino games for recreational players, Star Poker offers all types of casino games. While some of these are strictly for recreational players, there are many that are recommended for betting or even gambling. In fact, some of the games offered here are very similar to the ones offered in the more popular gambling or casino websites.

One of the features that sets this website apart from the rest is the no deposit bonus, which allows its members to play without risking any money, which means that they can enjoy all the benefits of playing here without risking any real cash. Some of these benefits include an extra rakeback bonus, and the ability to get up to a twenty-five percent extra rakeback on all bets placed during the course of a single game. This is a fantastic opportunity not just for recreational players but for professionals as well. With an extra rakeback on every single bet, it is possible for a player to double his initial bankroll. Of course, this extra rakeback cannot be used for gambling purposes.

One of the features that sets idn poker apart from the rest is the no deposit option. While most other casinos require players to place a minimum deposit in order to start playing, with this site no deposit bonus is available. This means that members can play without having to risk any of their own money. This is a great way for beginners to learn the ins and outs of playing this type of poker, without having to risk losing any money as they go along. As such, beginners will have the opportunity to win some while learning the game. And, professionals can use the rakeback deal to make a little money while they are playing, while making sure that their bankroll is not depleted during their play.

One of the most impressive features of this site is that it also offers its clients access to a live chat room. Now, if you want to talk to fellow poker players or discuss anything related to the game, you do not have to worry about distance or time. The chat room is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. In fact, during office hours, it can be said to be even more active than the real-life Asian poker community. Therefore, if you want to talk with your buddies from all over the world, this is the place to go to.

Other than the chat room, another great thing about this site is that it offers clients full access to its live tournament rooms. Players can compete with each other at the maximum stakes that they are willing to place in the tournaments. Because these are played on weekend and holiday times, most tournament games run daily and weekly over the weekend. So, if you want to win some big money without risking a lot of your own money, you should consider signing up with the Asian Poker Network. With so many advantages, there is no wonder why many poker players from around the globe are signing up with IDN Poker.